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Issue 12, dated 26th January 2022. 

 1. Booking Procedure

The booking procedure requires you to conform to the following steps:

  • You will receive 1 copy of the Booking Confirmation plus this MWCC Terms and Conditions of Use.

  • You must read and understand the content of this document and then sign and return one copy of the Booking       confirmation or e-mail to confirm booking is correct and you will abide with our terms.

  • Cash can be paid at the office. Cheques should be made payable to Mudeford Wood Community Trust. Bank transfer payments can be paid direct into the Trust’s CAF Bank account using the details quoted on the invoice/booking confirmation. For Payment Reference please include your booking number and name. For Party Bookings payment should be received within 7 days of booking before reminder sent. For invoice payments our finance department will send reminders, monthly.

  • If your booking occurs outside office hours you will be shown how to access the building, which will be locked.


2. Privacy Data Policy

  • Please read the Policy on our website. Through confirming your booking, you are also agreeing to your data being held by Mudeford Wood Community Trust. Should you wish it to be removed, following your booking, please contact us.


3. Health and Safety

  • Whilst in the building, every customer is responsible for the security and safety. The front door should be kept locked, to prevent access by unauthorised persons. Rooms do have doorbell speakers.

  • A first aid kit is available in the kitchen, but each customer is strongly advised to have their own kit available. The Centre is a non-smoking environment and MWCC does not hold a license for the sale of alcohol.

  • Please be aware that due to the sensitive nature of the smoke alarms in the Centre we do not allow the use of any type of smoke machines , pyrotechnics and naked flames. Where this rule is breached, any costs incurred from emergency services call outs will be passed onto the Hirer.

  • You may not use corrosive, hazardous, explosive, or toxic chemicals without express written permission of Mudeford Wood Community Trust (MWCT). Such permissions need to be sought no later than 1 month prior to the start date of the term of hire.

  • The use of a bubble machine is prohibited because the residue makes the floor slippery and dangerous for subsequent Hirers.

4. Kitchen


  • The kitchen (and its associated facilities within) are provided, at no extra cost for most hirers, if required all day a hire fee will be requested. Multiple Customers have equal right to access the kitchen. Please note that sharp knives are not kept in the kitchen and unaccompanied children under the age of 10 years must not be allowed in the kitchen at any time.

  • The urns, kettles and electric cooker must be turned off at the appropriate wall switches before leaving the premises. Please also check that all water taps are turned off.


5. Toilets

  • Customers are responsible for checking the toilet facilities during and after use of the Centre. Please ensure that sinks and toilets are not blocked and that the toilet facilities are left in an acceptable condition.

6. The Main Hall and all other Rooms

  • On leaving, customers should ensure that the areas used by them are left clean, tidy, and undamaged. If you have filled a rubbish bin, please remove the full sack, and use the second sack provided at the bottom of the bin. All spillages should be cleared up immediately. Please note if the Centre is left in an unsatisfactory condition the Trustees retain the right to charge for any additional cleaning that is required. If decorations are hung, please only use the hooks that are in situ and blue tack. The rooms must be used for the intended purpose of hire made clear when booking.

  • All used tables must be replaced onto the trolleys provided and stacked “side on” to prevent them falling forward (a maximum of 7 tables should be stored on each trolley). Chairs should be stacked no more than 6 high and folding chairs placed on the relevant trolley and secured with the strap.

  • Please ensure that you turn off all room lights. The corridor lights always stay on. Movement sensors control toilet lights.


7. All Weather Pitch (AWP)

  • It is the responsibility of customers to check the condition of the AWP, to ensure that it is safe to play. The Trust can take no responsibility for accidents/incidents if these safety procedures are not complied with. Customers are responsible for any damage or breakages and may be charged for rectification costs.

  • All customers of the AWP must avoid the sites of the six tennis post sockets, and because of this condition to be aware of the existence of these and take appropriate care near these areas. Without prejudice to any other provisions of the agreement, Mudeford Wood Community Trust shall not be liable for any injuries or damage to individuals or property incurred by the customers of the AWP in respect of these areas.

  • No bikes, skateboards or scooters may be taken on to the AWP.

  • Studded football boots are not to be worn.

  • No litter must be left on the AWP and Hirers will be held accountable for any left behind.

8. Equipment stored at the Centre

  • MWCT may give permission to customers to leave equipment in a store at the Centre. There may be an additional charge associated with this. MWCT cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to such equipment whilst at the Centre and customers are recommended to insure any items of value.

9. Locking up and securing the building

  • Check all windows and doors are closed, especially the fire doors and the cupboard door at the end of the Main Hall. The fire doors are retained through magnetic catches, to close the doors a small black button close to the magnets should be pressed

  • Ensure that the kitchen is left in a safe state with all equipment turned off, and skylight windows secured in the closed position.

  • When the office is closed customers will have been shown how to enter and secure the building with an electronic pass.


10. Action in the Event of a Fire

  • If the alarm is not already sounding, break the glass at one of the fire points to raise the alarm. DO NOT attempt to tackle the fire unless you have been trained in the use of Fire Extinguishers. Direct everyone in the Centre to the assembly point, which is in the overflow car park by the entry road to the Centre (with the height-restricting barrier at its entrance), making sure that any disabled persons are assisted if necessary. Check all rooms are empty if it is safe to do so. The Fire Brigade will be called automatically. The Community Centre’s address is Pipers Drive, BH23 4TR. Do not go back in to collect any personal items. The Senior Fire Officer will advise you when it is safe to return to the building.


11. Action in the event of a False Alarm

  • If there is no fire, smoke, smell of burning or the alarm has been activated accidentally/maliciously, recheck the Centre and contact the Trustee on Duty as advised on the main notice board by the front entrance. You will not be able to reset the fire alarm yourself. You must evacuate the Centre with your group/party to the overflow car park by the entry road to the Centre (with the height restricting barrier at its entrance) and await instructions from Fire Officers/Trustees.

12. TENS License

  • Alcohol must not to be sold on the premises without a TEN (temporary event notice). These can only be applied for by contacting Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council. The Centre cannot not supply or organise a TENs license for any customer. A copy of the TENs License must be provided to the Centre staff prior to a booking, which involves the sale of alcohol. This must be done at least 4 weeks prior to your party/event. Failure to do so will invalidate your booking and cancellation charge will apply.

13. Good Order


  • Customers are required to assume responsibility over their friends, family, guests, performers, and contractors present at their invitation or otherwise. This extends to the behaviour of these people within the Centre, during the period of your hire. Conduct defined as drunk and disorderly or breaching of the peace outside of the Centre or abusive or lewd behaviour to members of the public or to Centre Staff/Volunteers will not be tolerated and may result in police action.

  • Breakage of any Centre equipment including that belonging to either MWCC directly or to another customer, which is stored at the Centre, must be reported as soon as possible to Centre staff by phone or email.

  • Equipment of other customers must not be used unless permission has been given. Use of Pre-school equipment is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this will result in charges for any rectification for damage and other associated charges.


14. Cancellation of bookings due to maintenance or closure 

  • If maintenance, or closure is necessary, we will advise customers at the earliest opportunity.

  • The Trust is not responsible for loss of income due to maintenance, poor weather or legislation causing closure of rooms, AWP or the whole Centre.

You can download a copy below, just click on the icon. 

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